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Operation Phoenix is a highly classified project of Earth Alliance. The project is being spearheaded by Research Leader Christopher Sapiano. The specifics of Operation Phoenix are highly classified, you do not have access. There are serious safeguards on this project, which proves that it will be a very important project, effecting the entire future of the Earth Alliance, as well as other races who have contact with them.

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Many new technologies are being developed under tight security, some of which is being slowly revealed. The technologies that have been revealed are:


Harbinger class Missile Destroyer

Ulysses class Super Carrier

Gemini class Strike Dreadnought

Nemesis class Heavy Cruiser

Pegasus class Frigate

Sparta class Mobile Operations Center

Polyphemus class Star Tank

Centurion class Gunboat

Archangel class Missile Destroyer

Locust class Carrier

Monsoon class Gunboat

Legion class Supercarrier


SA-128ES Spectre Fighter

SA-128S Phantom Fighter

SA-135 Wasp Drone Figher


Phalanx class Missile

Thor class Graviton/Anti-graviton Pulse Cannon

Vindicator class Railgun

Firestorm class Fusion Pulse Cannon

Helios class Ion Plasma Cannon

Parasite class Breaching Missile

FLAK class Anti-fighter Cannon

Circe class Warhead Delivery Unit

Harpy class Anti-Planetary Munition

Fury class Hyperspace Beam Cannon

Apsyrtus class Mine


Electromagnetic Transperancy System

Enhanced Gravitic Proton Cycle Fusion Reactor

Advanced Daemon Re-enforced Armour System

Classified Ships

Gemini-X class Strike Dreadnought

Prometheus class Missile Destroyer

Hermes class COTAR AWAC

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