CLASSIFICATION: Heavy Cruiser (Aircraft Carrier/Heavy Cruiser)
LENGTH: 1200 metres
TONNAGE: 20 million tonnes
CREW: 400
FIGHTER(s): 16 Cobra Bays (cannot hold SA-128S Phantoms)
POWER SOURCE: 12 Tokamak Corp. Ultima 3000 Gravimetric Fusion Reactors - 2,000,000 Terawatts
DURATION: 24 months before refuelling
WEAPONS: 16 Heavy Fusion Beam Cannons & green Plasma Cannons - 4 Firestorm class Fusion Pulse Cannons - 4 Vindicator class Railguns - 4 Low Yield Missile Launchers
DEFENCES: 6 to 8 metre Advanced Daemon Re-Enforced Armour - EM/Gravimetric Field Defence Grid - FLAK Anti-starfighter Grid - IMPS Defence Satellites

The Nemesis is one of many Alpha variants but, because of the massive change in design, the Nemesis has been given a class. She is a simple retrofit of two Alphas that requires relatively few extra resources.

The Alphas' fore and aft sections are separated by small particle streams amidships. The two aft sections are connected by an added crew section, to house the crew, some of the reactors and the gravimetric part of the gravimetric/particle hybrid engine.

The fore sections then have their bridges removed, because they are useless and are easy targets, and have their interior decks removed. New reactors and massive mass packet storage bays are inserted. The Alphas are also outfitted with fusion cannons and a Millipede Manoeuvring Grid.

The Nemesis uses the new Vindicator class Railgun system, conceived by Colonel Havco. This railgun system uses gravimetrics to aid the electromagnetic forces used to hurl a rapid series of mass packets at her intended target. The weapon can fire 6 packets per second and has a mussel velocity of 129,000,000 m/s. The Avengers are sunken under the outer shell of the Nemesis, to be raised and fired on turrets.

The Nemesis also uses a new Firestorm class Fusion Pulse Cannon, based on the concept of Connor MacLeod. It creates gravimetric fields filled with hydrogen then uses a laser to ignite fusion.

Pictured is the EAS Critias, the first Nemesis put into service.