This is the Harpy class Anti-Planetary Munition. It is one of the most destructive weapons in the arsenal of Operation Phoenix. It is also one of the most feared weapons in the Operation Phoenix Arsenal. If this technology were to fall into the wrong hands it could act as a tool of unimaginable destruction.

The Harpy is outfitted with a pseudo-hyperphase drive, to allow smooth, hardly noticeable jumps to/from hyperspace. It is also outfitted with an ETS3-FLX variant to disguise its electromagnetic signature. This missile is designed to be undetectable until they complete their dark task.

The Harpy is loaded with a large load of anti-matter. As the Harpy aproaches a planet's surface, some of this anti-matter is released to annihilate the ground below it. It penetrates to the core of the planet and then releases containment on its anti-matter. This matter/anti-matter reaction causes the planet to collapse in on itself, turning the planet into a lifeless hunk of rock.

This process is based on the tactics of the Shadow Death cloud, but only requires approximately 5 missiles to destroy all life on an earth sized planet. The Harpies are comprised of two stages. The first stage is the drive section containing the gravimetric drives and pseudo-hyperphase system. The second stage is the dumbfire warhead. This allows the expensive drive stage to hyperphase out before the Harpy hits the ground, to be used again.