This is the Parasite class Breaching Missile. It is an adaptation of a breaching pod. It is specialized to capture/destroy a ship by killing its crew.

These large missiles find the best target location and lock onto it. Using a combination of high powered lasers and high energy particle beams, they pierce the hull to gain access to the enemy ship, much like a standard breaching pod. After that, another hatch at the rear of the ship, which includes the main thruster, as well as smaller hatches around the thrusters blow open and expose the deck to space. Once depressurised, a drone is deployed into the open deck.

The drone utilizes a series of lasers and particle beams to cut through other internal bulkheads. It carries a series of fusion warheads and other components. This drone cuts through bulkheads, depressurising decks and weeds its way throughout the ship. It lays charges destroying key components and takes over key components to disable, destroy or take over the ship. There is little that ships can do to prevent the spread of these drones. Their conventional attack is designed to cut through and fight their way to the reactors, finally destroying the ship by forcing the reactor to overload and destroy the ship.

To protect the drone from internal attacks, it is equipped with heavy armour and defensive systems. Since all decks are depressurised prior to entry, there is little opposition to their progress. They are equipped with gravimetric and EM emitters in order to create disruption effects in adjacent decks if required. The close range allow drones to create heavy shearing effects using the gravimetric system.

The drones also provide additional strategic capabilities for the fleet. The drones and missiles are equipped with powerful sensor arrays and communications systems. This provides deep scanning capabilities from the inside of the ships, past the protection of stealth systems. As they move through the ship, they return essential tactical data to the fleet. This provides the fleet with accurate damage reports on targets and detailed intelligence for later compilation.

To ensure maximum survivability of its payload, the missiles are equipped with anti-starfighter weapons and interceptor systems. It is also outfitted to with an ETS stealth system, avoiding detection until the drone is safely deployed. This defends the missile while it is en route, cutting through the hull and deploying the drone. It also protects the drone until it gets a safe distance in. Once the drone is safe, it continues to take out enemy fighters from their own ships. The close range that they are deployed, however, makes it impossible for the enemy ship's own weapons to take it out. The close range also makes it risky for their other ships to attack the small missiles, as there is a higher probability of hitting their own ship.

The missile utilizes a full stealth system. This protects it from electromagnetic detection (via ETS), gravimetric detection (via Null-Field Grid) and visual detection (optical fibre cloaking shell). This makes them incredibly hard to detect and target for enemy ships and fighters.

There are also 'dummy missiles' which some ships may carry. They are just like the normal missiles, with the exception that they don't carry a drone. These missiles can be used to draw fighter fire and distract security teams trying to stop the drone.