CLASSIFICATION: Stealth Superiority Fighter
LENGTH: 24 metres
TONNAGE: 120 tonnes
CREW: 1-2
POWER SOURCE: 1 Micro GRC Reactor and CBPS Burst Power Unit - 810,000 Terrawatts
DURATION: 3 hours(maximum output), 12 hours (avg), Infinite (low power)
ACCELERATION: 10km/s2 (800km/s2 burst)*
WEAPONS: 2 Modular Heavy Weapons Bays (GED Laser Canon, Ion Plasma Canon, Heavy Missile Launcher, Bombing Unit) - 12 Ion Plasma Canons (Turreted) - 24 Light Ion Plasma Canons (Pan/Tilt) - 12 Medium Ion Plasma Canons (Internal Aiming) - 4 Accelerator Canons - 1 Gravimetric Pulse Field Weapon (Omni-Directional) - 1 Gravimetric Slicer Beam - 4 Missile Launchers
DEFENCES: ETS-2FLX Stealth System - Gravimetric/EM Shielding System - 125cm Advanced Daemon Re-enforced Armour(25cm Carbon Nanotubule Mesh, 75cm Carbon Fibre Armour) - Gravimetric Structural Integrity Field - 4 Grapnelling Claws - 1 Tractor Beam - 4 Cutting Lasers

Weapons - Controls - Operation

The SA-128S Phantom fighter utilizes many new technologies to make it the most powerful fighter in the known galaxy. Utilizing new gravitic array drive systems, these fighters can accelerate faster and more accurately than any previous vessel. Coupled with the advanced GRC Reaction Chamber and CBPS Burst Power System, the drive system has plenty of energy for any situation.

This fighter has a heavy weapons payload including two modular heavy canons, four missile launchers and over 35 other weapons. This payload provides the fighter with the capability to take on anything. With several rear facing canons, it can attack in any direction at any time. Due to the fighter's ability to move in any direction, it can point its nose in directions that it isn't travelling in.

Adding to this payload are two new gravimetric weapons. The first is the gravimetric pulse field weapon. This system works by emitting modulating graviton/anti-graviton fields. These fields generate stress in any target in range as the pulses pull pieces of the target together and apart. This weakens their armour and destroys many targets. The second system is the gravimetric slicer beam which operates similarly but focuses this energy into a beam heavily damaging whatever it hits.

The ETS-2FLX stealth system is a variant of the ETS-2 system which provides the ability to utilize shapes other than cylinders. While this system is not perfectly undetectable like ETS-2, but allows for efficient layout and weapons placement. This system uses a more complex processing system to circumvent its disadvantages to the ETS-2 system to make it more protected. With proper tactics, this fighter can sneak up on any ship and lay heavy damage before it is found. Its system also makes it hard for other fighters to track and lock on to it.

The ETS-2FLX system also offers additional capabilities. It allows ultra precise active EM scanning when not in stealth mode. This provides very detailed telemetry of the target. This system can be flashed on rapidly before the fighter is detected. Another huge advantage of this system is the MPX (Microwave Power Transfer) system. This allows any friendly capital ships to send large amounts of power in the form of a microwave beam. This allows rapid recharging of the CBPS/GED system or rapid fire of other heavy weapons. This permits battle groups to move fighters into good locations and provide heavy fire from ideal locations where capital ships can't risk going.

The modular heavy canon system will generally be armed with at least one GED-Laser Canon, similar to that of the Gemini Class Strike Dreadnought. Coupled with the CBPS system, this can lay out a nearly 10,000 terrawatt blast - enough to destroy many capital ships. When using the MPX system, this provides assault fleets with unprecedented capabilities in attack situations.

All of these heavy arms are controlled by several powerful targeting processors. These systems collect data from the ActiveStealth arrays (outer induction coils), gravimetric field sensors, optical recognition and many other systems. This allows the system to accurately track as many as 800 targets and dynamically prioritize them. With more than forty independent weapons that can fire simultaneously, the pilot would be overburdened. For this reason, the system can either couple weapons arrays, or control many of them itself. This allows the pilot to worry about one or two targets, while the system shoots down others trying to attack it. Also, these systems use a complex friend/foe system that can be set to stop firing when a friendly is in the way in continuous fire mode. This makes battle in furball situations much more manageable, as fighters don't shoot at their own craft.

The Phantom's greatest advantage, however, lies in its drive system. Utilizing advanced Graviton Array propulsion systems and its powerful onboard reactor, this fighter has superior manoeuverability. This system also helps it to achieve its 10km/s2 acceleration level easily. The gravimetric fields also work to offset inertia and decrease stress on the ship and its pilot(s). In emergency situations, the fighter can draw the enormous amount of power in the CBPS or from the MPX system to achieve acceleration levels in the range of 800 km/s2. This allows them to rapidly accelerate and escape from circumstances where it would otherwise be unable to. The Graviton Array system also allows the ship to achieve its maximum acceleration levels in any direction, independent of the way the ship is pointing. This allows the fighter to be at optimal positioning, even when running from an enemy.

It also utilizes several other drive systems for extended performance and redundancy. The manoeuvring rockets on the four booms and two main rockets can run as standard chemical rockets (for stealth operations) or ion engines. These drive systems have more than enough power to supply the fighter with as much as 1 km/s2 acceleration without the gravimetric drive system. While less efficient than the main system, they add to the manoeuverability even when using the gravimetric systems. The chemical systems provide 'silent' operations with no detectable results (ie ionic disturbance or gravimetric fields) adding to the stealth capabilities of the fighter. Lastly, millions of small gas vents run through the nanotubules on the outer layer of the armour provide additional manoeuverability when in stealth mode.

To aid in long runs times, the SA-128S is capable of generating Gravimetric ramscoops to collect interstellar hydrogen. This allows the Phantom infinite duration in low-power (non-combat) modes. This permits long range surveillance operations and survival in unfortunate circumstances. By removing one of the fuel tanks, a bio-engineered food processing system can be installed. This system uses energy from the reactors to process human waste into edible food. Although the ship is not the best choice for long range operations, it can be used as such if needed.

Together these systems provide a very formidable weapon. With acceleration levels far past that of any other fighter and a huge weapons payload, this fighter is capable of facing any situation head on. Whether alone, or in a attack wing, this fighter can generate heavy damage on any form of vessel. It high power capabilities allow it to powerfully extend the capacity of any capital ship they are with. Using the CBPU and MPX systems, this ship can provide weapons volleys nearly as powerfully as ships ten times its size. The SA-128S fighter introduces a new age of fighter combat.