CLASSIFICATION: Strike Dreadnought (Aircraft Carrier/Dreadnought)
LENGTH: 4,000 metres
TONNAGE: 75 million tonnes
CREW: 1000
TROOPS: 10000
FIGHTER(s): 48 Cobra Bays
POWER SOURCE: 12 Tokamak Corp. Ultima 3000 Gravimetric Fusion Reactors - 2,000,000 Terawatts
DURATION: 24 months before refuelling
WEAPONS: 2 Heavy Pulse Cannons - 8 Heavy Fusion Beam Cannons & green Plasma Cannons - 8 Plasma Cannons - 76 Low Yield Missile Launchers - 2 Heavy GED Laser Cannons - 2 Quad Thor class Graviton/Anti-Graviton Pulse Cannon on Universal Weapons Banks - 6 Helios class Ion Plasma Cannons on Universal Weapons Banks
DEFENCES: Enhanced Shadow Bio-armour and/or 10 to 15 metre Advanced Daemon Re-Enforced Armour - EM/Gravimetric Field Defence Grid - FLAK Anti-starfighter Grid - IMPS Defence Satellites

The Gemini is based on a concept ship, which was being explored as a tool for attacking the Minbari during the Earth Civil war. Clark knew that he would have to face the Minbari if he were to retake Babylon 5. The concept, however called for technologies that hadn't been discovered yet (ie M/AM Cannons, M/AM Reactors and Tachyon Enhanced Burst Transmitters). These technologies were expected to be either found, or given by the Shadow Thralls that were helping them with the Warlock class Destroyer. This project, however was scrapped before the prototype was built, so that as many resources as possible could be devoted to the rush creation of the Omega-X.

The idea of a strong ship, one that packed more punch than other Earth Alliance ships, was still a sound one. This ship was re-conceived to fight in the Telepath War. Updating the design with Gravimetric/Particle engines, Gravimetric Fusion Reactors and giving her an artificial gravity system, she found new use in Operation Phoenix.

There are also new technologies placed on this ship. The Heavy GED (Gravitic Enhanced Discharge) Laser Cannon uses gravimetric fields to replace the mirrors, allowing the laser to charge past the level that would cause the mirrors to melt. This would allow the laser to fire hundreds of exowatts per blast, much like the main gun on the Victory class Destroyer. The GED Laser system takes a long time to charge to a destructive level, but can be charged over the duration of her journey and can be charged quicker with the reactors on full burn. The Universal Weapons Bank is another new technology. It allows the ship to have any kind of weapon attached to a single, hidden turret. On all Geminis in service some of these banks are empty, perhaps being reserved for future technologies.

Another new weapon loaded on the Gemini is the Thor class Graviton/Anti-Graviton Pulse Cannon, which uses gravimetric fields to produce a massive sheering effect on the target ship's hull. The gravimetric fins can also be used to produce the same effect on a much larger scale. The new Helios class Ion Plasma Cannons are also loaded on the Gemini. They allow the Gemini to fire heavy barrages at its larger targets.

The Gemini provided solutions to the problems which faced the Orion class Destroyer, though she was large, she travels with a contingent of Omegas and Warlocks to defend her and draw fire. She is also faster and more manoeuvrable. Gemini usually carries 50 fighters and 15 crew shuttles (due to the fact the Gemini travel in roaming battle groups, much intership movement must take place).

Increased manoeuverability is aided by what is called the Millipede Manoeuvring Grid. It uses many small gravimetric fields and manipulates them in synchronous. The MMG provides a more efficient system for moving the ship, as well as a secondary drive system, should the gravimetric fins be damaged. This allows the Gemini to be one of the most manoeuvrable ships in the known galaxy.

The Gemini uses a double hammer head design, increasing the area on which weapons can be mounted. They also use a twin hammer head system. The fore and aft sections are nearly identical, with the exception that the fore section has more weapons, and the aft section has the engine system. Because the Gemini is not as wide as the Harbinger class Missile Destroyer, she must use fins (like the Minbari Vessels) to operate the graviton engine. These fins are better armoured than those on the Minbari ships, having the fins integrated in the hull and being protected by an independent Gravimetric Field Defence Grid.

Another feature which makes the Gemini and formidable enemy, is Enhanced Shadow Bio-armour. Only some Gemini, specified the Gemini-X, have been outfitted with the new armour because of the extensive time required to grow bio-armour, approximately one month (due to Human advanced growth techniques) per ship. After the Shadow thralls destroyed most of the data on the Shadow Bio-armour and all of the Omega-X's were destroyed, only a few redundant laboratory samples remained. Combined with the remains of the Shadow Death Cloud that was destroyed near Earth, there was enough bio-armour left to research. After months of intensive research, the Human scientists were able to recreate the bio-armour. This bio-armour was tailored to the specifications of Earth Alliance ships, by necessity, causing it to be the strongest bio-armour outside of that of the First Ones. Their strong understanding gave the Gemini-X stronger capabilities. The Human scientists discovered a way to activate the Shadow Bio-armour's inbred weapons system, causing the flat bio-armour on the hull to stretch and expand into a spline, fire and retract when complete. This also allows damaged splines be guarded by other splines while they regenerate. The secrets of Shadow's gravimetric drive capabilities were also unlocked. This allows a Gemini-X to use a retractable spline, if the fins are damaged, as a gravimetric drive system. The system can also be used to add even more power to the graviton/anti-graviton pulse system. The Enhanced Shadow Bio-armour has been genetically engineered to heal twice as fast as that which was outfitted on the Omega-X's. Some Gemini-X have been equipped with wings of Shadow Phantoms and Shadow Spectres.

The Gemini-X also use what is called Pseudo-hyperphase technology. They can use the little hyperphase technology which the Human scientists were able to unlock from the wreckage of the Shadow Death Cloud. This technology combines the knowledge discovered about hyperphase technology and previously known technologies. The Gemini-X can utilize the Pseudo-hyperphase technology to run Realspace-Hyperspace detection. Because the Human scientists were unable to unlock the secret of the ZPF tap energy system, the full hyperphase technology can't be used. The Gemini-X uses the hyperphase technology to achieve faster, more accurate jumpouts. The jumpgate forms around the ship, like shrink wrap.

The Gemini is based on the Omicron class Destroyer, conceived by Colonel Havco. Pictured is the EAS Rubicon, the first Gemini put into service. The Rubicon has since been upgraded to a Gemini-X.