SA-128S Weapons Data

Ion-Plasma Canons

The heavy plasma canons are similar to that of the pulse canons found on other fighters, however it is a lot more powerful and uses an accelerator array. These large canons are mounted on turrets that allow it a range of movement. Adding to that, the accelerator arrays can further direct the charged plasma. These are the main weapon of the Phantom fighter. These weapons can fire on targets as much as 140o to the side. Utilizing the eight canons on the front and the four canons on the back, this provides coverage of every area around the ship. This allows the tracking of multiple targets around the fighter. Objects within 45o of the front of the ship can be hit hardest since all eight of the canons can hit the target. The Phantom's ability to point in directions other than it is accelerating allows powerful concentrated fire on a main target.

Unlike pulse canons, these canons utilize ionized plasmas. The amount of ionizations are varied depending on range. The ionized plasma leaves armour softened and reactive, further degrading it. This allows these fighters to do heavy damage to targets at close ranges while still maintaining long range capabilities.

Light Ion-Plasma Canons

Lighter versions of the Ion-Plasma Canons, these are very similar to the standard pulse canons on other fighter designs. These 24 smaller canons are mounted on the wings providing maximum mobility. They are housed on pan and tilt systems allowing each to cover almost all of the surrounding space. While these are not very powerful weapons, the rapid firing rate and sheer number of them allow them to provide good defensive fire.

Accelerator Canons

These canons are mounted on the bottom of the ship between the two modular heavy weapons bays. They consist of four long barrels with a strong magnetic/gravimetric particle acceleration array and a particle generation unit behind them. The particle generator can generate and store particles like neutrons. The stored capacity of this system can then be fired at velocities approaching the speed of light. While this weapon takes several minutes to create enough particles to be effective, it is very precise and can do a lot of damage to specific types of targets. It is especially suited to attacking bio-armoured ships, as its neutron bombardment capability allows it to stimulate cancerous mutations in the skin. Even if this doesn't destroy it, it keeps the immune system of the armour occupied while other, more conventional assaults are used. Its flexibility also allows it to fire other projectiles as big as stored bio-warfare agents.

It recharge speed can drastically be increased with bolts from the MPX (Microwave Power Transfer) system. These bolts supplied from large capital ships provide huge amounts of power to be generated for use in its weapons systems. MPX Packets can provide this weapon with Capital ship magnitude fire and cause heavy damage to even the most powerful ships. This provides the fleet with a massive advantage.

Gravimetric Pulse Field Weapon

Utilizing the unique gravimetric drive system, this system can generate an oscillating gravimetric field around the ship. This high-powered output generates interference patterns and rips any ships in the vicinity of the Phantom apart. This allows it to destroy entire wings of enemy fighters in one shot and protect it from missile barrages. When used with the CBPU system, this field can reach a long distance from the ship and even do significant damage to capital ships.

Gravimetric Slicer Beam

Similar to the Gravimetric Pulse Field Weapon, this system uses a finely aimed beam of gravitons and anti-gravitons to produce an interference pattern. It projects several streams of oscillating beams to a precisely focussed point. This causes rapid stretching of the materials in the area and a breakdown in its structure. A tractor beam in the centre continuously pulls the section until it breaks out. This allows the fighter to quickly make deep cuts in targets and damage the hull of larger ships for later attacks. It also allows the fighter to cut off components of ships if the need arises.