The ETS-2FLX system is a lightweight version of the ETS-2 system. This system adds flexibility to the design of the ship. Where the ETS-2 system requires a cylindrical design, the ETS-2FLX system allows slightly transformed shapes and some extrusions from the main unit. This system foregoes up the perfect EM stealth of it predecessor for these features.

In order to avoid some of the inherent problems with this architecture, this system uses complex processing systems along with the conventional pass through technique. This system provides the fighter with invisibility in all critical angles, hiding its position in areas such as behind and in front of it. The core induction coil still absorbs all EM signals produced by the internal systems. This provides the same protection of internal structure as the original ETS-2 system.

This makes any fighters equipped with this system to be nearly untrackable and its internal condition and configuration completely undetectable providing it with an extreme tactical advantage. It throws off enemy prioritization systems and give it the ability to sneak up to targets. It also allows it time to hide while it recovers and add to its defence capability.