CLASSIFICATION: Lightweight Stealth Fighter
LENGTH: 16 metres
TONNAGE: 60 tonnes
POWER SOURCE: 1 Micro GRC Reactor - 10,000 Terrawatts
DURATION: 30 minutes(maximum output), 2 hours (avg), 24 hours (Low Power)
ACCELERATION: 12km/s2 (80km/s2 burst)*
WEAPONS: 2 Ion Plasma Canons (Turreted) - 24 Light Ion Plasma Canons (Pan/Tilt) - 12 Medium Ion Plasma Canons (Internal Aiming) - 1 Gravimetric Pulse Field Weapon (Omni-Directional) - 1 Gravimetric Slicer Beam - 2 Missile Launchers
DEFENCES: ETS-2FLX Stealth System - Gravimetric/EM Shielding System - 25cm Advanced Daemon Re-enforced Armour(5cm Carbon Nanotubule Mesh, 20cm Carbon Fibre Armour) - Gravimetric Structural Integrity Field - 4 Grapnelling Claws - 1 Tractor Beam - 4 Cutting Lasers

The SA-128ES fighter is a light version of the SA-128S superiority fighter. It gives up the massive CBPU (using a smaller, scaled down version), duration and many of the 128S' weapons payload for smaller size and weight as well as increased standard performance. The Spectre fighter is in the same size and weight as the older SA-23 Aurora and SA-26 Thunderbolt fighters. This allows it to fit in conventional fighter bays and be produced in quantities. Even in this lightweight form, the Spectre is still a much more powerful weapon than the other starfuries.

The Spectre offers standard acceleration higher than that of its larger brother the Phantom. Although mass is not a factor in the acceleration of gravimetric driven fighters, the distance of the emitters is an issue. Since the emitters are only about 5 metres from the centre of gravity (vs. 9 metres on the Phantom). This means the emitters are three times more effective. Even with the smaller reactor, this fighter can accelerate 20% faster. It does, however, lack the large CBPU system of the Phantom and its ability to accelerate at 800km/s2. While smaller CBPU systems on the drive system do allow 80km/s2 burst acceleration.

These fighters also only use a single pilot. They mix the Phantom control technologies with that of the Aurrora fighter. These fighters are capable of anything that the SA-23 fighters can provide and more. They are designed to act as stealth Starfuries and eventually replace the SA-23s in service.

The Spectre also repairs some of the faults in the design of the Aurora's. The Spectre pilot sits inside the armoured shell of the fighter. These fighters utilize electronic view systems instead of windows. Many sensors ensure that the pilot always has a view and with the optical fibre scope system he can see 360o in any direction without electronic aid. The glass used on conventional fighters is risky not only in its decreased protection, but the threat of laser attacks on the pilot. If visible light can penetrate the glass, lasers in the same wavelength can as well. This makes it easy to kill the pilot and leave the fighter without its nerve centre.