LENGTH: 3,500 metres
TONNAGE: 500 million tonnes
CREW: 1500
FIGHTER(s): Interior Drone Launch Bays (house 10,000,000 drones)
POWER SOURCE: 24 Tokamak Corp. Ultima 3000 Gravimetric Fusion Reactors - 4,000,000 Terawatts
DURATION: 24 months before refuelling
WEAPONS: 6 Helios class Ion Plasma Cannons on Universal Weapons Banks
DEFENCES: 20 to 25 metre Advanced Daemon Re-Enforced Armour - EM/Gravimetric Field Defence Grid - FLAK Anti-starfighter Grid - IMPS Defence Satellites

The Legion is an impressive tool of Operation Phoenix, providing an impressive addition to the powerful fighter coverage. It can launch its millions of SA-135 Wasp Drone Fighters and remotely control them. It can also produce the Wasps to replace those lost in battle.

The Legion has several protrusions at the mouth of its launch bay. These are used to create the pseudo-hyperphase field used to launch their Wasps into realspace as well as to transmit the control signals to the drones in combat. After a battle the Legion will jump out and sweep the battlefield for useful scrap material. It uses the protrusions' EM emitters to separate the useful scrap and useless scrap into the large factory under the main launch bay.

Useless scrap is refused back into space, whereas useful scrap is either processed to produce more Wasps or packaged to be used elsewhere. Wasps are recovered through the bay on the side of the fore section. The disparity between the size of this bay and the size of the main launch bay shows the high predicted losses of Wasps. When battle has concluded the Wasps line up to be picked up along the Legion's scrap gathering.

A majority of the Legion's mass is in the lower half of the fore section, including processing/production facilities, dedicated production reactors, etc. This mass is so great that the drive block has to be raised above the fore section. This hump provides the housing for a small escort ship, manned fighters for defence or extra storage space. Three or four Legions usually travel with a standard battle group.

Pictured is the EAS Hive, the first Legion put into service.