CLASSIFICATION: Missile Destroyer (Aircraft Carrier/Missile Launch Platform)
LENGTH: 2,250 metres
TONNAGE: 50 million tonnes
CREW: 350
FIGHTER(s): 2 Launch Bays
POWER SOURCE: 12 Tokamak Corp. Ultima 3000 Gravimetric Fusion Reactors - 2,000,000 Terawatts
DURATION: 24 months before refuelling
WEAPONS: 12 Harpy class Anti-Planetary Munition Launchers - 12 Fury class Hyperspace Beam Cannons on Universal Weapons Banks - 15 Light Gravimetric Slicer Beams on Universal Weapons Banks
DEFENCES: 10 to 15 metre Advanced Daemon Re-Enforced Armour - EM/Gravimetric Field Defence Grid - FLAK Anti-starfighter Grid - IMPS Defence Satellites - ETS-3FLX Stealth System

The Prometheus has been designed to deliver crushing blows to the infrastructure of enemy targets. It is specialized for delivery of Harpy class Anti-Planetary Munitions with only a short time frame between launch and warhead delivery. Stealth plays a large role in the Prometheus' operations. It uses the ETS Stealth System and the Advanced Daemon Re-Enforced Armour's optical stealth coating to travel through hyperspace undetected until it is within launch distance.

The Prometheus also uses its high reactor output and thick armour to travel into lower levels of hyperspace. This allows them to both evade hyperspace patrols and reach their target destinations faster. The hostile environment of these lower levels of hyperspace makes their powerful Fury class Hyperspace Beam Cannons even more effective at destroying any ships which might happen upon the Prometheus.

For added protection, the Prometheus uses half of its launch bays to house 24 specialized Proxidica class AWAC craft which travel ahead of the Prometheus and relay information back to the ship. To compliment the advantage that the AWACs provide, the Prometheus houses two large scanning arrays in its forepanels. These scanner arrays use the ETS system's inductive capacities, spread over a large surface area to maximize their ability to detect the EM signatures of incoming ships.

The Prometheus' scanner arrays, when matched with its 2 exawatt reactor output, can emit an active scanning pulse so intense that it can jam the electronics in near by ships. This makes the scanner array a valuable asset in combat. The Harpies are mounted in 12 encasements attached to the ship. These encasements look like the missiles themselves, so that the number of missiles that a Prometheus carries is not discernable from visual analysis.

The missiles, when being carried, are not filled with anti-matter. To facilitate their storage, the anti-matter is kept in reservoirs in the ship. Before the missiles are fired, the ships reservoirs are diverted into the missiles and the missiles are programmed for their targets.

The Prometheus is based around the hull of the Harbinger class Missile Destroyer, but has a completely different internal structure. The Prometheus has also been outfitted with two Warlock style recovery bays (one for its 32 fighters and the other for its 24 Proxidicae) and two Warlock style engine blocks, to increase its accelleration abilities.

Pictured is the EAS Pyro, the first Prometheus put into service.