Standard Features

This section outlines the standard features that will be outfitted on all ships used in Operation Phoenix (even non-retrofitted ships), exceptions will be noted.

Drive Systems

Gravimetric-Particle Hybrid Engine (exception: all non-retrofitted ships)

Manoeuvring Systems:

Millipede Manoeuvring Grid (exception: all non-retrofitted ships, Sparta class Mobile Operations Centre)

Fighter Bays:

Advanced Cobra Bays (exceptions: all non-retrofitted ships, Ulysses class Super Carrier, Polyphemus class Star Tank)

SA-128ES Spectre Fighters (replacing old Starfurries and Thunderbolts on retrofitted ships and taking places in Spectre/Phantom wings)

SA-128S Phantom Fighters (exceptions: all non-retrofitted ships)

Reactor Systems:

GRC Fusion Reactors (exceptions: all non-retrofitted ships)

Defensive Systems:

Advanced Daemon Re-Enforced Armour System (exceptions: all non-retrofitted ships)

EM/Gravimetric Field Defence Grid

FLAK Anti-starfighter Grid (exception: Centurion class Gunboat)

IMPS Defence Satellites (exception: Centurion class Gunboat)

Artificial Gravity Systems:

Gravimetric Artificial Gravity Systems (exceptions: all non-retrofitted ships)

Inertial Dampening Systems