CLASSIFICATION: Mobile Operations Centre (Ship Yard/Aircraft Carrier/Operations Command Facility/Space Factory)
LENGTH: variable
TONNAGE: variable
CREW: variable
FIGHTER(s): variable
POWER SOURCE: variable
DURATION: Unlimited
WEAPONS: variable
DEFENCES: variable

The Sparta is a new idea for an operations centre. She is comprised of several sub-sections. These subsections are:

Daedalus class Mobile Ship Yard

Pythagoras class Mobile Command Module

Hephaestus class Mobile Space Factory

Sparta class Hotlab

Independent Weapons Platform

Sparta class Hab Complex

Sparta class Fighter Platform

Organic Growth Grid

The Sparta is completely self sufficient, providing materials required to generate power from the Hephaestus.

The Sparta's subsections are transported from the place where they were build to an unpopulated system inside of an ETS shell.

The Sparta then strips all of the available materials from the system, while building ships with those materials. Should the Sparta be found by someone who shouldn't see the information, she can use her ships and fighters to destroy the intruder, pack all ships into ETS shells and launch to another system before the intruder's race has the ability to send a ship to the area.

Pictured is the EAS Thales, the first Sparta put into service.