This is the Circe class Warhead Delivery Unit. It cannot be technically classified as a missile, because it doesn't pass its kinetic energy to the target. It is specialized to destroy a ship with little to no chance to defend itself.

They are one of the simplest and yet one of the most deadly weapons used in Operation Phoenix. They are launched from hyperspace and use their hyperphase system to track a ship in realspace. It positions itself in a target area and hyperphases into the target area. Anything in the surrounding area is destroyed by the energy of the shrink wrap jumpgate. Once it is securely in realspace, they payload is detonated and the resulting explosion is far more effective than any external colliding missile, using the ships armour to act as a closed fist around a firecracker.

The Circe is highly modular. It can be loaded with any type of payload depending on the purpose of the attack. Though the Circa are highly effective, they are used sparingly because of the cost of loading the weapon with a hyperphase device.